Vocal Painting App

The Vocal Painting App for choir conductors and singers

75 hand signs for interactive choir rehearsals and performance. When you know how to use these signs, you can create music from the first minute of a choir rehearsal, with or without sheet music.

Get your own personal copy of the signs available at your fingertips.

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The Vocal Painting (VOPA) system offers an advanced set of tools to lend shape and structure to “music of the moment” in any choir. Both conductors and singers are able to implement live arranging, live composing, re-arranging, re-composing, use of contrasting elements such as shifting keys, modules and time signature etc. during a performance. It can also be used within traditional repertoire to convey details during rehearsals and live in concert.

VOPA has its roots in Soundpainting, which is the universal multidisciplinary live composing sign language for musicians, actors, dancers, and visual Artists. Presently the language comprises more than 1500 gestures. The Soundpainting language was created by Walter Thompson in Woodstock, New York in 1974. www.soundpainting.com/

VOPA is a vocal evolution of his original music sign language, developed by professor Jim Daus Hjernøe from The Royal Academy of Music, RAMA Vocal Center, Denmark. In VOPA it has become a new language for vocal art, used to complement conventional conducting techniques of choir music. VOPA is currently consisting of 75 signals and more are in the making. The signals are easy to understand and the conductor can use them to adjust the musical expression within every desired musical parameter. Through the development of VOPA, as a pedagogical tool and an artistic methodology, the signals have shown to be surprisingly effective as an easy and fast way to create music with singers of all levels, from audience participation to the highest professional level of vocal arts.

App Credits:
Kristian Skårhøj – Video Design
John Kjøller (Popweb) – App Development
Sven Ratzel – Solfa Graphics
RAMA Vocal Center Students, Aalborg (Denmark)


If you experience any trouble with the app, please contact us at appsupport@popweb.dk


The Vocal Painting Documentary
by Carl Eneroth