The Intelligent Choir

A philosophy and concept by professor Jim Daus Hjernøe from Denmark.

The Intelligent Choir (TIC) refers to his musical philosophy and concept of training choir conductors to allow and inspire choristers to share responsibility for the musical process. The concept includes a pedagogical and artistic methodology with Vocal Painting signs and conducting as a headliner as well as ear training, theory, vocal art, and improvisation. The basic ideas of musical presence and vigilance are described by Niels Græsholm and Svend Rastrup Andersen in the book “Slå ørerne ud!” (1993).

The methodology is divided into three pedagogical areas:

  • Development of musical skills
    • Rhythm & Groove
    • Intonation & Pitch
    • Sound & Blend
    • Interpretation & Expression
    • Performance and Concert Design
  • Vocal Painting (VOPA)
  • Kucheza (I am music)

By this method you increase:

  • Reflection in the choir
  • Creativity in the choir
  • Interaction in the choir
  • Co-responsibility for the musical process in the choir
  • Rhythm & Groove improvement in the choir

The Intelligent Choir methods can be used in every choir on every level